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‘My Mother Diana’

Nearly thirty years after his parents exchanged their wedding vows, Prince William walked down the aisle at Westminster Abbey with his new bride. 'My Mother Diana' looks at how Diana’s life, her relationship with the House of Windsor, the media and the public have shaped her eldest son, Prince William. When a twenty year-old Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, their wedding at St Paul’s was watched by billions; it was the last great royal wedding to galvanise the British public. But that relationship would develop into a romantic tragedy, whose effects would be more profound than anyone could have imagined. In his marriage to Kate Middleton, Prince William is entering into a new and independent stage of his life…a life in which his mothers influence and presence appear centre-stage and ever-present.. It is easy to forget that William’s formative years were not the idyll with the ’Princess of People’s Hearts’…rather they took place in the midst of a vicious divorce battle. William’s loyalties divided and fought over during the War of the Wales.

‘My Mother Diana’ is the story of Charles and Diana's marriage from a new and revealing point of view. It’s the story of how their marriage shaped William. It explores the effect of his mother’s relationships, the tell-all book she collaborated on with Andrew Morton, the effects of her Panorama interview and William's reaction to his father’s relationship with Camilla. On the surface William appears to be a product of the old order, groomed by the House of Windsor. But William is the son of Diana – who transcended celebrity and transformed the monarchy. This film seeks to understand William by exploring his relationship with his mother and examines where William was as key moments of her later life played out; because what she went through made him who he is today Why did William propose using his mother’s engagement ring? And what does it tell us about this future King and the legacy of his mother Diana? Fourteen years after her death Diana’s influence appears undiminished. But will William be the King Diana wished him to be?


Rotherham grooming victims speak out for the first time

Three years after an official report found 1,400 children had been the victim of sexual exploitation in Rotherham, two of the victims have waived their anonymity to speak for the first time on camera. They discuss the continuing impact on their lives, an ordeal which has continued even after some of the abusers have been given lengthy prison sentences.

ISIS's nightmare

Stacey On the Frontline Girls Guns and ISIS Yazidi Kurdistan female Peshmarga are seeking to avenge their sisters
Stacey Dooley embeds herself on the frontline with the extraordinary all–female Yazidi battalion, who are fuelled to take revenge against the so-called Islamic State for what the UN has condemned as the ‘largest mass kidnapping this century’. As the battle to take nearby Mosul out of ISIS hands moves into its final phase in Northern Iraq, Stacey finds these young women’s lives have been transformed by a desire to avenge ISIS and shows what daily life is like in these war zones.


Ross Kemp Rojava The Fight Against ISIS

In Ross Kemp: the Fight Against Isis (Sky1) the EastEnders star turned TV reporter was all too visibly risking his life to bring us a glimpse of the war on terrorism’s front line.
There was hardly a minute of this gripping report, in which Kemp traversed the devastated landscapes of northern Syria and Iraq, when you didn’t feel anxious on his behalf.