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Mom Gives Her Stillborn One Last Hug

This TVC is based on true story of a mother who gave birth to a twin. One of whom had stopped breathing & pronounced dead.

there’s no real explanation for the power of maternal instinct.

Are you the kind of person who believes in miracles? Although most people would classify them as being pure fantasy – something our brain creates to deal with certain situations in life – it’s hard to say miracles don’t exist once you take a look at the video on the right
The Thai commercial you are just about to see is inspired by a true, documented event, and it will send shivers down your spine. The clip starts with two beautiful babies laying together in their crib. One of the babies is active and crying, while the other is still and quiet. The next scene reveals one of the infants looking a little blue.
Then we see the devastating mother picking up her stillborn child and crying over her infant. It’s a heartbreaking scene that unfortunately takes place in real life as well.
When everybody is getting ready to give up, the baby’s mother is the only one left fighting for her baby. She knows deep inside that her baby is struggling to survive. And after holding him in his arms, something incredible happens.
This commercial is a great reminder of just how powerful the love of a mother for her child can be.

Kids Behind Bars

Kids Behind Bars (Prison Documentary) - Real Stories Children are tortured in police custody. They are held in prisons in inhuman and degrading conditions. They are denied the due process which should guarantee them fair trials. They are sentenced without ever seeing a courtroom. They are held for years without charge. They are housed with adult prisoners who sexually abuse them. They are beaten by sadistic guards. They are sentenced to death. They are forgotten by the world that walks past the bars of their existence. With unprecedented and unique access to juvenile prisons around the world, this film looks at the experience of incarceration for juvenile offenders in countries as diverse as the USA and India, the UK and Brazil.

Children Of The Sex Trade

Children Of The Sex Trade (Exploitation Documentary) - Real Stories This exceptional film follows two young sisters in the Philippines who help former Australian police and Special Forces officers rescue underage girls from sex bars. In the Phillipines, over 800,000 women and children work in the sex-trade. Police corruption makes local law enforcement ineffective in protecting the most vulnerable groups from abuse. 16 year-old Michelle and 19 year-old Marisol were both abused by foreign men as children and had also worked in Subic Bay’s sex bars. They now work at PREDA, a human rights foundation set up in 1974 by Fr. Shay Cullen, an Irish Catholic priest. Together, with former Australian Federal Police officers, the group sets out on a sting operation to bring child-abusers to justice.

Britain's Sex Gangs

Britain's Sex Gangs (Documentary) - Real Stories Research suggests that thousands of children are potentially being sexually exploited by street grooming gangs. This may only be the tip of the iceberg, as experts believe many crimes of this nature go unreported. Journalist Tazeen Ahmad investigates street grooming and hears from community leaders who say enough is enough and demand action on the issue. She meets victims of grooming and their parents, whose lives have been torn apart.

Invisible Empire


Jason Bermas' powerful documentary INVISIBLE EMPIRE exposes SOME, BUT NOT ALL of the people & groups behind the New World Order in their own words, showing in great detail of those which it does expose, how the leaders of the world have not only conspired to help create a dictatorial global government in private, but have openly stated their agenda hundreds of times in public.

The words of people like Pope Paul VI, Paul Wolfowitz, Michael Mullen, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush and many others are highlighted; therefore Invisible Empire is based on FACT & NOT FICTION.

Invisible Empire is indeed all conspiracy & NO THEORY, proving without doubt how the wealthy families, heads of state, industry & media have & are playing their part in the insidious conspiracy, working together to steer the nations through nongovernmental groups like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commision, and the Bilderberg group, & also by the establishment of the United Nations, leading to a World Government New World Order system.

Invisible Empire aslo catalogues the primary criminal enterprises through which the agenda is financed, operated and advanced -- government controlled drug-running, false flag terror, banking scams, wars and state sponsored assassination.

However, not touched upon in this documentary is how the religio political power of Rome, that is led by the Papal Caeser, the Pope, who overseas everything & is in control of governments & NGO's, through it's societies & religious political orders like the Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, Opus Dei, high Freemasons & others. These all work behind the scenes, pulling the strings of society & governments towards the re-unification of church & state.
The coming re-unification of church & state can be seen by how the governments of the world all rally around the Pope, especially the United Nations.