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Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins Media personality Katie Olivia Hopkins is an English media personality. She first came to notice in 2007 as a reality television contestant and later became a columnist for British newspapers, initially The Sun (from October 2013)and later the MailOnline (from autumn 2015 until 2017). Hopkins has been accused of racism by journalists, advocacy groups and politicians for her comments about migrants. Her role as a presenter for the radio station LBC was terminated in May 2017 following her comments on Twitter about the Manchester Arena bombing.

Watching Europe Fall ~ A Must Watch!!! In this incredibly ominous and hilarious speech, Katie Hopkins warns of the impending doom that will befall America and all of the West if they behave as her home nation,

Katie Hopkins: Jews Leaving Europe Due to Islamist Threats

Katie Hopkins on Trump, Identity Politics, and Islam (Pt.1) Katie Hopkins (Columnist) joins Dave Rubin to discuss Trump, the ‘mess’ in the UK compared to the ‘mess’ in the U.S., labels that are thrown at her like ‘bigot and ‘fatist,’ the problem with identity politics, Islam in the UK

Katie Hopkins on Multiculturalism, Hate Speech and the Word Police (Pt.2) Katie Hopkins (Columnist) joins Dave Rubin to discuss multiculturalism in the UK, hate speech laws and the “word police,” her message of positive conservatism and how to make Britain great again, and her plan for the future,

Katie Hopkins talks to Worlds Apart about London, Sadiq Khan and Russia
Watch the full interview that Katie Hopkins had with Worlds Apart host Oksana Boyko about London, Sadiq Khan and Russia.